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Welcome to the SIS Student Groups Home page! 

This course is where all of our virtual meetings for student groups take place. You can find previous group meetings through a respective student group website.

Virtual Meetings are held in BigBlueButton. You can find your meeting room for your student groups under the "Conferences" tab to the left of this syllabus.

Feel free to contact SIS Tech ( if you have any questions or would like help with any of the tools found here.

For a complete list of student groups in SIS, visit the student organization page on the website. Current student groups on campus include:

American Library Association (ALA) 

The American Library Association Wayne State Student Chapter is a student organization dedicated to the promotion of libraries and the librarians who run them.  We provide an inclusive space and resources for the enhancement of our careers after graduation.  

ALA Social Media: 

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Twitter -

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  • President: Justine Cucchi, 
  • Vice President: Lindsey Ellison 
  • Secretary: Michelle Wheeler 
  • Treasurer: Julie Miller 
  • Social Media Specialist: Amber Harrison 
  • Historian: Ana Corral 
  • Faculty Advisor: Christine D'Arpa, 


The purpose of ASIS&T is to provide a format for the professional development of information specialists, to promote and further research and its application, and to make these achievements known to the public. ASIS&T is an organization that strives to build bridges between different scholarly disciplines such as research and technology, and information and users. 

  • President: Jodi Coalter
  • Vice President: Angelia Buckingham (Anj)
  • President Elect: Jessica Addy
  • Treasurer: Rachel Raimi
  • Volunteer Coordinator: Matthew Rich
  • Secretary: Aleesa Wright
  • Webmaster: Cindi Place
  • Social Media Specialist: Sandra Catron-Kramer 
  • Faculty Advisors: Dr. Laura Sheble,, & Dr. Tim Bowman,


Future Librarians for Inclusivity and Diversity (FLID)

Future Librarians for Inclusivity and Diversity (FLID) provides a safe space for up and coming library and information science (LIS) professionals to gain a better understanding of diversity within the profession and underserved populations.  In preparation for working with individuals from these groups, FLID's mission will be to expose SIS students to issues surrounding diverse cultures, lifestyles, physical abilities, and religious beliefs within the LIS field.

This purpose shall be effectuated through promoting awareness by organizing on and off-campus events (social, educational or otherwise) for SIS students to learn about, exchange ideas, and perhaps resolve issues surrounding diversity and inclusion in LIS

  • President: Allia McCoy
  • Vice President: VACANT
  • Treasurer: VACANT
  • Secretary: VACANT
  • Social Media Specialist: VACANT
  • Volunteer Coordinator: VACANT
  • Faculty Advisor: Dr. Kafi Kumasi


National Digital Stewardship Alliance (NDSA)

The National Digital Stewardship Alliance (NDSA) has agreed to partner with Wayne State University's School of Information Sciences for their first ever student chapter. Students joining this group delve into the issues of Digital Preservation, assist in the development of outreach education for these fragile formats, create educational videos and provide input to the NDSA Wiki. There is also a potential for further research in the arena and assisting to develop standards.


Society of American Archivists (SAA)

SAA strives to enhance the education of students interested in archival studies by providing practical resources, networking opportunities, and hands-on events such as tours, workshops, presentations, and projects. This group is active, dynamic, and dedicated to the archival profession. In general, we are Master's students in the Library and History programs, but student participation is welcome from any who have an interest in preserving present day records for future generations' use.

SAA Officers 2019-2020:

·         President: Taylor Gibson,

·         Vice-President: Carady DeSimone

·         Secretary: Julie Miller

·         Treasurer: Brian Schamber

·         Social Media Manager: VACANT

·         History Department Liaison: VACANT

·         Faculty Advisor: Dr. Louis Jones,

SAA Social Media:



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