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Have you ever heard about MP3 JuiceLinks to an external site.? As you know, listening to some music is always fun, especially while doing some activities. It is always more fun to listen to music while being on a trip, cleaning the house, cooking, and so on. Some students even prefer to listen to music while studying. Nowadays, there are so many platforms that allow you to listen to your favourite songs, such as Spotify, JOOX, YouTube Music, and MP3 Juice.

If you are looking for a music platform that allows you to download music and songs from YouTube, the last one is a great option. So, what is MP3 Juice? What is so popular today? For those of you who are not familiar with this music platform yet, here is all you need to know about it.

What is MP3 Juice?

MP3JuiceLinks to an external site. is a dedicated website you can use to quickly and easily download songs for free. This music platform has a simple user interface so that it is extremely useful, even for those who are not familiar with music platforms. You just need to type the titles of the songs you want to listen to and download them if you want to. MP3 Juice is an MP3 download site, a YouTube video converter that converts to MP3.

Thanks to this website, downloading songs and music with your smartphone or PC becomes a lot easier. With this platform, you can download a wide variety of songs, from old songs to newest songs. It even allows you to download YouTube videos. And once again, you can do so for free. But you have to know that MP3 Juice is not a legal website to download songs, music, and video. Given that each song and music have copyrights, you should be careful when downloading with it.

Features and Highlights of MP3 Juice

Besides allowing its users to easily and quickly download their favourite songs, MP3 Juice is also popular because of its features and highlights. It has complete song collections as well as a simple design. So, it is not surprising that many people love to use this platform. Below are the highlights and features of MP3 Juice.

·         High Download Speed

It takes less than a minute to download one song with MP3 Juice. With such a high download speed, you can download a lot of songs without spending too much time. But note that this high download speed also depends on your internet speed. The more stable your internet connection, the quicker the downloading process.

·         Secure and Virus-Free

Another reason why this music platform is many people’s favorite is that all the downloadable songs from this website are safe and virus-free. All files on this website are free from computer viruses like spyware and ransomware so that it will not harm your smartphone, laptop, or computer.

·         Free

All songs and music available on MP3 Juice can be downloaded for free. In order to download the songs, you just need to insert the title of the song and simply download it. There is even no need to login or register yourself to this website to be able to download your favorite songs. Isn’t it convenient?

·         Complete Song Collections

Another benefit of MP3 Juice is that it has more complete song collections compared to other websites. On this website, you will be able to download the original songs as well as the cover versions sung by other singers. As it is said before, you can also download any songs from YouTube with this music platform, from old songs to the most recent songs. Just make sure you have the URL to download the song.

·         Download from PCs or Smartphones

You can access MP3 Juice from either a PC or smartphone. As long as you have a stable internet connection, you can access the website and download any songs you want. The downloading process is the same as on a PC. The only different thing is the user interface.

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How to Download Songs from YouTube with MP3 Juice

As long as you know the URL, you can download songs from YouTube with MP3 Juice. And you can download them for free as well. Thanks to such a feature, you can download nearly all songs on YouTube. Here are the steps to MP3 Juice download YouTube to MP3Links to an external site..

·         Open YouTube

In order to download songs from YouTube, make sure you know the URL of the song. You can get it by going to YouTube first. Then, search for the song you want to download and copy the URL.

·         Paste the URL in the Search Column

The next step is to paste the URL of the song you have copied to the white, column search on MP3 Juice. After that, press Enter. The song you are going to download will appear on the screen. If you want to make sure that the song is already right, you can press Play to listen to it first before downloading it.

·         Click Download and Save

Once you already make sure that the song is right, you just need to download it by clicking download. Later, it will be automatically saved as an MP3 in your device. It does not take a lot of time to download songs.

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How to Download Songs on MP3 Juice?

Different from downloading songs from YouTube, here are the steps to download songs on MP3 Juice.

·         Go to the MP3 Juice Website

First, you need to go to the website of MP3Juice. Access the website via a PC or smartphone and you can start to look for the songs you want to download.

·         Search for the Song Title or Singer

Then, type the title of the song or the singer. You can enter both or just one, either the title or the singer. After that, you will see some songs with the same title from different sources. You can click the Play button first to make sure you will download the right song.

·         Download the Song

Before downloading the song, pay attention to the source and size of the song. Then, you can just click the Download button to download it on MP3JuiceLinks to an external site..

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